Winter Pools Special Offers - 2023 Prices secured for 2024 Pool Builds

A Cornish Dream Pool



Cornwall, Near Port Isaac

Pool Size

13.00m X 3.40m X 1.20m – 1.80m Swim Sizes

Pool Type

Tiled Concrete Pool – Skimmer Version

Pool Colour

Copper Coloured Luxury Tiled Pool

Pool Stairs

Built In Tiled 8.00m Width Swimming Pool

Plant Room

Located below ground in basement

Type of Cover

Slatted Roller Cover with Built In Cave

Type of Heating

Heat Exchanger Via Gas Boiler

A Cornish Dream Pool

A concrete sheltered pool with a beautifully tiled finish. The colour choices blended to the open Cornish countryside giving ‘autumnal’ and ‘summer’ feelings indoors.

This pool had a unique plant room located within the pool house basement and all integrated to the main living areas, giving the client easy access from the living quarters.

Being a traditional build construction, the pool has several layers to its design. Concrete which is shuttered and poured, then a tanking compound, render to 2 coats with a waterproofing and then a tile laid to finish. The other shutter for closing the pool is linked to the heat recovery system so that the speed of air flow is reduced on a variable speed fan system, so that economic air heating is maintained whilst the pool is closed. Once the pool is opened the heat recovery system, restores to normal running and prevents moisture, condensation and humidity from damaging the built environment.

We deliver and install the ductworks and all associated specialist filtration systems that are suitable for all pools.