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A dream swimming pool in Bath




Pool Size

11.00m X 8.00m X 1.50m

Pool Type

Niveko Sectional – On Site Welded Monopool

Pool Colour


Pool Stairs

Continuous across width of pool

Plant Room

Sub-Terranean Below Ground

Type of Cover

Slatted Roller Cover in Letterbox Cave

Type of Heating

Air Source Heat Pump 60kw

A dream swimming pool in Bath

This pool was too large for one piece transport and was pre-made in sections at the Niveko factory then delivered to this project ready for “on site” welding.

Client: Teresa (Charlton Court)

The Niveko factory welders attended site for one week to ‘fusion’ weld and assemble the pool shell ready for concrete backfill. This process still complies to the ‘ISO’ Standards and meets all the factory warranties as if it were a “one piece” pool welded in factory conditions.

This is a large pool, ideal for leisure bathing and large parties.

Teresa chose the Niveko pool for the type of finish, the low maintenance  and the future-proof longevity of a permanent pool finish.

Installation of the pool shell was x1 week and it was backfilled with concrete on week 2, ready for paving and hard landscapes.

Teresa  also chose a “Cobra” waterfall feature that utilises the swimming pool water with its own pool suction grille and recirculating the water via the “Cobra” jet.

We build many pools with customisable fountains and features. Massage beds and beach landings can also be incorporated into the pool build giving you lots of flexibility on the design.