Winter Pools Special Offers - 2023 Prices secured for 2024 Pool Builds

Gloucestershire Getaway




Pool Size

15.00m X 5.00m X 1.50m Swim Sizes

Pool Type

Sectional Weld Niveko Indoor Swimming Pool – Invisible Skimmer

Pool Colour


Pool Stairs

Modern Style – 8.00m Width

Plant Room

Located near to Pool in Building 10m Away

Type of Cover

Slatted Roller Cover

Type of Heating

Oil Fired Boiler With Heat Exchanger

Gloucestershire Getaway

A brand new house build with attached pool room 15m in swim length. This pool had to be connected to the main home. The client had to be able to walk straight from the house into the pool room, so that a seamless fitness regime could be maintained. 15m is an ideal length for the serious swimmer as well as a decent size pool for parties and large gatherings.

Originally purchased pre-pandemic 2020, the pool was a sectional weld on site by our trained Niveko factory engineers. The whole house build was delayed due to material shortages, however we maintained progress to the pool structure and the heat recovery & ventilation ductworks, during the covid pandemic.

The client chose a 15mm tile surround onto this Niveko “Invisible” skimmer pool, that also provided an easily maintained surround as well as a futureproof finish to the pool itself.

An automatic wireless robot cleaner measures & maps the pool to keep it clean with as little human attendance as possible.