Winter Pools Special Offers - 2023 Prices secured for 2024 Pool Builds

Gloucestershire Roof Top Pool




Pool Size

12.00m X 4.00m X 1.35m

Pool Type

Niveko Sectional – On Site Welded Monopool

Pool Colour


Pool Stairs

Corner Modern Stairs

Plant Room

Sub-Terranean – Below Decking

Type of Cover

Slatted Roller Cover in Letterbox Cave with Solar Gain Slats

Type of Heating

Pellet Fed Boiler & Heat Exchanger

Gloucestershire Roof Top Pool

This was a first for Niveko in the UK as a unique self-standing roof top swimming pool. The original client remit was to have complete uninterrupted views of the Cotswolds Water Park whilst swimming. The house was constructed to carry the 88 tonnes of support steelwork and the water within the pool.

The pool was sat upon the concrete deck on the top floor and each sectional piece was craned into position and fusion welded by our Niveko engineers on site. The special steel support framework was engineered and designed by Niveko to create a “unique” one off roof top Niveko pool.

The only access to the pool was via the main house and into a champagne bar, which gives the swimmer the most luxurious leisure suite on a roof top coupled with an 8 seater hydrotherapy spa, it’s the ultimate Niveko experience.