Winter Pools Special Offers - 2023 Prices secured for 2024 Pool Builds

Indoor Luxury Haven




Pool Size

11.00m X 4.00m X 1.35m Swim Sizes

Pool Type

Sectional Weld Niveko Top Line Skimmer Indoor Pool

Pool Colour


Pool Stairs

Modern Stairs 8.00m wide

Plant Room

Within Pool House – 6.00m From Pool Edge

Type of Cover

Slatted Roller Cover

Type of Heating

Gas Fired Boiler With Heat Exchanger

Indoor Luxury Haven

Our client asked for a “clean finish” with low maintenance and a long lasting detail.

Our installation was coordinated into the main pool building works and was managed whilst working with the main contractor, “Montrose” developments. Stages of the build were to weld the pool into sections (this was a sectional pool delivery) onto concrete base slab.

Once the pool was welded “in situ” the surrounding ductworks for a heat recovery & ventilation system, was installed and placed below the ground ready for the surrounding floors and overhead building works to take place. It was not until all the interior and ceiling finishes were completed that the pool could be stripped off from its protection (temporary covers during building construction) and commissioned with all the plant room filtration being made operational. The pool has an electronic dosing system that manages the chlorine and PH levels. This system, manufactured by “Bayrol” Germany is a leader in the field of pool chemistry and keeps the water quality to its highest standard of bathing. It reduces the need to “Hand Dose” a pool and sends messages back to the end user when more chemicals are required as a top up. All in all, a low maintenance pool.