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Jersey Clapboard Home By The Sea




Pool Size

11.00m X 3.6m X 1.50m

Pool Type

Overflow Advance with Beach Stone Coping

Pool Colour


Pool Stairs

Continuous Stairs

Plant Room

Located Approx 6m Within Small Shed

Type of Cover

Slatted Roller Cover with Solar Gain Slats

Type of Heating

Summer Heat Pump – May to September

Jersey Clapboard Home By The Sea

Jersey is not an easy Island to transport large lorries with a Swimming Pool in one piece, however we overcame and conquered this project using police escorts and traffic management very early in the morning!

The pool came from the factory direct to the Channel Islands via France and we managed the offload with a crane lorry from the roadside.

A level deck pool with full overflow advance ‘coping stones’ creates a beach for the first incline of water to easily disappear into a seamless channel. This pool recirculates the overflow water via an ‘in-ground' balance tank next to the pool shell. The tank carries the displaced pool overflow water from the channel, filters it and doses with chemical and then heats it before it returns to the pool itself.

The Air Source heat pump is the cheapest way of heating a pool. It captures the ambient air temperature outside and provides a fast conversion of heat into the pool water at the most economical rate. The looks and finish of the overflow pool system from Niveko truly make a beautiful finish to the pool surroundings.