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Oasis in the Cotswolds




Pool Size

11.00m x 3.70m x 1.50m Constant Depth

Pool Type

Niveko One Piece Monopool – Invisible Skimmer

Pool Colour

Stone Grey

Pool Stairs

Modern Corner Stairs

Plant Room

Located within garage 10m from Pool

Type of Cover

Slatted Roller Cover with Solar Gain Slats

Type of Heating

Air Source Heat Pump May - September

Oasis in the Cotswolds

This pool had to achieve a “Natural Cotswolds” feel with colour and surround aesthetics.

The “Stone Grey” colour gives a natural pool feeling and compliments the Cotswolds Stone. Installed in x1 day, this pool was unloaded and placed ready for concrete using a 16m reach telescopic handler.

Using our special Niveko low loader system we managed to achieve the articulated lorry delivery straight into the garden of the client. The pool was a complete one piece shell with built in stairs, lights and advanced 'cover cave' roller system to close off the pool when not in use. Our solar slats gain the sunlight energy which adds some "free" heat as well as retaining the heat in the water.

Not only can a slatted roller cover conserve and enhance heat energy, but also so can the pool shell. This outdoor pool has been fully insulated including the floor which can prevent up to 10% or more of conducted heat losses through the floor alone.