Winter Pools Special Offers - 2023 Prices secured for 2024 Pool Builds

Staying Level in the Midlands




Pool Size

10.375m X 3.60m X 1.50m Swim Sizes

Pool Type

Niveko One Piece Overflow/Underflow

Pool Colour

Ash Grey

Pool Stairs

Modern Stairs Corner

Plant Room

Located within 6m of Poolside

Type of Cover

Slatted Solar Cover In Metallic Colour Slats

Type of Heating

ASHP - All Year Round Heating

Staying Level in the Midlands

Here we have a unique pool. This is an overflow/underflow pool from Niveko. An individual solution where the water flows out under the surround pool terrace. You can choose any edge or surface tile so that the pool can be integrated seamlessly to your hard landscape.

This pool became an indoor pool with full telescopic enclosure creating the all year round indoor swimming experience. We build indoor pools with Whisper technology which is a unique technical solution for the overflow models, suitable where the sound of overflowing water is less desired, giving a seamless and pleasant indoor experience.

An in-ground balance tank, with automatic float sensors and water top-up facilities, coupled with automatic dosing control, means that the pool is almost self sufficient in its day to day running.

We have also introduced our “new” wireless robot cleaners that measure and map the pool so that all the floor, walls, steps and waterline are cleaned without the need for human involvement! This is an innovation to maintaining your own pool, with less work and more leisure!