Winter Pools Special Offers - 2023 Prices secured for 2024 Pool Builds

The Rural Retreat




Pool Size

8.50m X 3.70m X 1.20m Constant Depth

Pool Type

Niveko One Piece Monopool – Invisible Skimmer

Pool Colour

Ash Grey

Pool Stairs

Across whole pool width

Plant Room

Sub-Terranean – Located below ground in purpose built Technology Shaft

Type of Cover

Slatted Roller Cover with Solar Gain Slats

Type of Heating

Air Source Heat Pump May - September

The Rural Retreat

The remit on this pool installation was to be mindful of the surroundings.

A conservation area leading to the property meant careful logistics planning and protection to the environment and flora & fauna. The pool was filled via a tanker of water with concrete backfilling via a pump at the same time. The installation was carried out within 6 hours ready for the landscaping to be completed, with the coordination of concrete pump, tankered water, telescopic handler machine and of course the labour on site, the pool was lowered into the excavation and backfilled very quickly.

One of the advantages of a Niveko one piece pool is the speed of installation which was a big part of this project as our impact on the area had to be minimal due to the conservation surroundings and access roads to the property. Unloading was straightforward however access to the garden was limited but made easier with the use of an all terrain, all steer telescopic handler with 15 meter reach.